I want to thank you for your advice to install aboard my ship two SoniHull DUO… I am, after one year, really very happy with those devices. My ship, a 65 Ft steel trawler, has stayed one full year in Brunswick Landing Marina. Here everyone sends a diver every two months for cleaning his hull off the growth, so I have asked the diver to check my hull, after one year without cleaning… The guy was really amazed by the fact that my hull was still perfectly clean… Except for some barnacles on the shafts and propellers, so my only regret is not to have installed the sonic system for the shafts as well. This system is really great and super-efficient. Thanks again for this product.

Pierre – Brunswick Landing Marina, USA

After the first week, a noticeable difference could be seen, by the end of the 4th week, the results were conclusive. The vessel fitted with Sonihull had little or no growth over the entire hull, while the other vessel was found to have so much growth the vessel struggled to get on the plane. As a result of this test, Sonihull will be included in all future standard project specifications.

MTR16 Patrol Boat

Coastguard – UAE

Finally, I am proud to inform you that the first Sonihull antifouling system has been installed on one of the SAR vessel without any problem. We have installed two transducers on the intake of the water jests, one between engine & generator and another one in accommodation. After finding this project successful, many other vessels will be in the row.

Ali Karsaz

SAR Vessel- Gulf Arabian

Vigilant coming out to dry dock in Kuwait, she has been in the water for almost a year (February 2015) and is in a pretty impressive condition. There is no fouling at all.

Dean Thomas

Vigilant Patrol Boat – Kuwait

All pipes pretty clean/clear, bit growth in some but no mussels so obviously Sonihull is working. thank you.

Bob Smith

Guiding Star – UK

After a year in service, the luxury yacht Mystere´s captain reported: “none of these substances were present at all, and the installation has been a ‘plug and play’ success, which just worked away quietly, and without any onboard attention required.” He is now planning to have Sonihull fitted in some underwater duct areas around the Mystere yacht’s lifting keel.


S/Y Vitters 43 – Holland

Before Sonihull was installed the bottom would have to be physically cleaned by divers twice in a season and the yachts performance is noticeably and consistently improved due to having a clean hull.

Capt. Richard

Nautors Swan – Palma De Mallorca

Volpower has been in the water for 11 months, up north in Opua. The owner of this boat said ‘don’t bother washing it’.


Volpower – Australia

The bright wing sailing yacht would not be used for long period of time, so fitting the Sonihull became “a no brainer” to the owner who wanted to enjoy using his pride and joy from the moment he arrives rather than spending his time diving to clean the hull.


S/Y Bright Wing – Thailand

The owner’s captain stated, the cost of fuel and antifouling a boat is so expensive that he was very keen to experiment with the Sonihull system. The results have been fantastic and now plans to add an additional mono to protect the bow thruster and bow area of the boat that is not covered too well by the transducers mounted at the rear of the 62 footer.

Owners Captain

Aicon 62 - Seychelles

I’m pleased with the results of the Sonihull system as they had managed to achieve excellent results with power boats keeping the stern drives clean.

Steve Worral

E-Tech Director – UAE

It is fantastic to find an innovative marine product on the market that does the job that it’s designed to do, and as in our case, could be adapted to deal with other problems that arise from unwanted growth. I think NRG Marines’ experience within the marine industry has a big future together.

Captain Geoff Clark

Trinity 51m – UAE

Protect your vessel

Sonihull’s mission is to deliver environmentally safe, cost effective antifouling wherever unwanted bio-fouling persists. Our vision is:

To make dosing the oceans with poisonous biocides and microplastics a thing of the past
To deliver effective antifouling systems using the power of ultrasound
To save the oceans, one ship at a time