Elevating Vessel Efficiency and CII Ratings for a Sustainable Maritime Future

In the ever-evolving landscape of maritime regulations, the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) has set a crucial benchmark through its Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII). This initiative, applicable to all IMO vessels over 5000 DWT, underscores the organisation’s commitment to reducing carbon emissions and enhancing sustainability. As vessel operators navigate the complexities of CII, innovative solutions like Sonihull’s ultrasonic antifouling emerge as strategic allies in the quest for a greener, more efficient maritime sector.

Understanding the Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII): A Call for Accountability

The CII mandates that vessels publicly display their environmental impact through ratings ranging from A to E, with A denoting exemplary performance and E indicating areas for improvement. Commencing data recording from 1st January 2023 and reporting on a calendar year basis, the inaugural ratings will be unveiled in April 2024. Vessels receiving a CII rating of E must show improvement within three years, forming an integral part of their Ship’s Energy Efficiency Management Plan (SEEMP).

Sonihull: Catalyst for CII Improvement

Sonihull, a pioneer in high-performance Ultrasonic Antifouling, emerges as a multifaceted solution addressing two pivotal aspects influencing CII ratings:

Container Ship at Sea
Sonihull’s ultrasonic technology provides proven effective protection against marine biofouling including algae, weeds, mussels and barnacles.
  1. Hull and Hydrodynamics Optimisation: Through hull cleaning and biofouling management, Sonihull contributes significantly to minimising drag, a key factor in determining vessel efficiency.
  2. Energy Saving Devices: While there isn’t an official list of energy-saving devices, operators are inclined towards equipment that yields tangible real-world results, crucial for meeting CII standards. Sonihull’s fouling prevention technology ensures engines are properly cooled, resulting in lower fuel consumption—a critical factor in the CII assessment.

Immediate Benefits of Sonihull in CII Improvement:

  1. Fuel Savings: Vessels equipped with Sonihull experience impressive fuel savings, contributing directly to a more favourable CII rating.
  2. Low Total Cost of Ownership: Sonihull offers a cost-effective solution with a fast return on investment, making it an attractive choice for operators seeking long-term sustainability.
  3. Efficient Path to CII & EEXI Compliance: Sonihull stands out as a fast and efficient means to achieving compliance with CII and EEXI regulations, aligning seamlessly with the industry’s evolving environmental standards.

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Protect your vessel

Sonihull’s mission is to deliver environmentally safe, cost effective antifouling wherever unwanted bio-fouling persists. Our vision is:

To make dosing the oceans with poisonous biocides and microplastics a thing of the past
To deliver effective antifouling systems using the power of ultrasound
To save the oceans, one ship at a time