Tug Boat Install – Fast Turnaround

Low power consumption makes for fast mothballing and reactivation

Typical results after twelve months service in a box cooler installation are shown below. Photographed from the bottom of the sea chest looking upwards, the red surfaces visible are the sides and top of the sea-chest with the seawater inlet grate visible to the right.

All of these surfaces have been kept fouling-free by two Sonihull ultrasound transducers. A third transducer was mounted on the water cover of the right-hand box cooler, which also remains clear of any fouling. The left-hand box cooler was not fitted with a transducer and has fouled-up considerably.

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Sonihull’s mission is to deliver environmentally safe, cost effective antifouling wherever unwanted bio-fouling persists. Our vision is:

To make dosing the oceans with poisonous biocides and microplastics a thing of the past
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To save the oceans, one ship at a time