Sonihull: The world’s leading ultrasonic antifouling specialist

Wherever there is unwanted marine biofouling. From tugboats to oil tankers, wind farms to fish farms, Sonihull is working with industry leaders to create cost-effective ultrasonic antifouling solutions that reduce drag, cut fuel consumption, increase service intervals and leave no poisonous environmental legacy.

Key Features of Sonihull Ultrasonic Antifouling

Environmentally Friendly

Effective bio-fouling without the poisonous environmental legacy of biocides or microplastics.

Easy Installation

No drydocking, no through-hull fittings, no expensive Impressed Current Antifouling copper anodes to replace.

Less Downtime

No cleaning hard-to-reach areas, extended maintenance intervals, less downtime and reduced running costs.

No Disturbance

Inaudible to humans and marine life with no interference to sonar and electronic equipment.

Lower Fuel Consumption

Clean hull, propellers and rudders can reduce fuel consumption by up to 30%.

Microbial Control

Ideal for bulk storage. Sonihull suppresses Diesel bug and keeps potable water fresher for longer.

Low Power Consumption

At only 3.6 Watt-hours per transducer, Sonihull is ideal for onboard, standby or remote power.

Lower Operating Costs

Can save up to 95% of capital and MRO costs when compared to impressed-current antifouling systems.

Easy System Integration

Compatible with RS232 / RS422 and Modbus communication interface for remote control with critical path fault monitoring.

Biocides are not a long term solution

Ultrasound has already proven its antifouling credentials in the food, brewing and aquaculture industries. By 2026, any marine antifouling system that uses a biocide will have to be resubmitted for lengthy and expensive approvals.

Coating industry insiders expect that many of the current biocide systems will be discontinued before 2026, as demand grows for future-proof, biocide-free Marine Growth Prevention Systems (MGPS).

The 2026 deadline for biocide resubmission is approaching.

Prevents biofouling on all surfaces

Sonihull is a complete range of fit-and-forget ultrasonic antifouling solutions for any solid surface that is exposed to raw seawater. From hulls, shafts, propellers, and waterjets, to sea-chests, tanks, keel-coolers, box-coolers, pipework, intakes, and valves.

Unlike biocidal coatings and impressed-current systems, Sonihull is a low-cost, low maintenance and non-toxic solution to marine growth and fouling.

Are You in the Right Place?

Looking for Leisure Boat antifouling systems? Head over to the Sonihull ECO site if you are a leisure boat owner. The Sonihull ECO product range has everything you need to protect leisure boats from marine bio-fouling. Sail or power, large or small.

Headline Figures

Since 2006, over 30,000 Sonihull antifouling systems have been installed worldwide, making Sonihull the world’s leading ultrasonic antifouling specialist.

Zero environmental impact


No leaching of poisonous biocides, no shedding of microplastics from ablative coatings harmless to marine mammals and fish.

Save on running costs


A fouled hull, propeller, and steering gear will increase drag and can increase fuel consumption by up to 30%.

Reduce capital & MRO costs


Compared to Impressed Current Antifouling Systems. With Sonihull there's no drilling, no welding, no downtime and no costly copper anodes to replace.

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